Keep Your Faith Alive in Children’s Ministry

Being in Christian ministry can be both rewarding and satisfying, but it can also be challenging and difficult — leaving you exhausted or feeling like you are not accomplishing your goal of serving our Lord and Savior. So, what are some things you can do to keep your faith alive and help you stay motivated?

I believe the secret is in combining spiritual faith and hope into all of our interactions. We grow in faith as we serve. In our dealings with children, it is by faith we keep planting seeds into their lives, and then we water and fertilize, hoping/expecting that the Word of God will penetrate their hearts and lives.

Ministering can be like the time our church was celebrating a new children’s building and several of my former students shared experiences of how much they learned and remembered how special they felt by having a separate “church time” just for them. The ones who spoke were the ones I never knew I was getting through to. I am sure you have had similar experiences during your ministry. If not, have faith that you are having an impact; it will be revealed in God’s timing.

As these examples come to light in your ministry, store them in your heart to build evidence that you are making a difference. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Walking by faith is living based on the principles that God has taught us. A “seed of faith” is like any seed, it will not grow unless it is properly cared for. Otherwise, our faith will flounder, we may become discouraged and burn out resulting in us no longer being useful to God or to those we’re trying to serve.

So how do you keep your faith alive while serving in children’s ministry?

Find your purpose:

Each Christian is given a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). The Holy Spirit implants a seed of faith, and it is up to us to water and fertilize it so our faith will grow. And we, in turn, are given the privilege of planting seeds into the hearts of the children we serve. Remember, some of us will plant, some will water, and others will harvest. You may not see your fruit until you meet Jesus in heaven, but do your best no matter what task you are given.

Exercise your personal faith:

Faith comes by hearing the word of God (Romans 10: 17) When we speak and receive God’s Word, it becomes a part of us. Read/speak God’s Word to your children; it is our most powerful resource. Children are incredibly sensitive and can pick up on whether we are confident and secure in our faith or not.

Pray and ask for guidance:

Nothing will keep you more motivated than prayer and spending time with Jesus. Remember, prayer includes talking and listening. Jesus is ready to give us the tools and the guidance we need if our hearts are in the right place, and we seek His wisdom. Submit, resist the devil and draw near to God (James 4:7-8). Our enemy will come in many ways – including parents, children’s attitude, social media, and ministry leaders. Make sure your actions come from the guidance and words that the Holy Spirit provides.

Stay motivated:

To help you stay inspired and growing in your faith, surround yourself with positive, like-minded Christians. Negative people and toxic environments will slowly drain your motivation and test your faith. However, consider it all joy when your faith is being tested knowing that these tests help you become the person God wants you to be (James 1:2-4).

Your ministry may not thrive unless you build and keep your personal faith alive. Your faith is what will lead you to teach and direct children so that they can grow in their faith. The stronger and more secure you build your foundation of faith, the less likely it will crumble and fall when trials and tribulations come your way, and the better example you will set for those around you.


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